Sweet Pups being cruelly abandoned in Woodbridge?

According to hyper-local online news outlet Woodbridge Patch, It appears someone may be cruelly and illegally abandoning pitbull-type dogs near the Jose Tejas Mexican restaurant on Rt. 1 in Woodbridge. This is according to the Woodbridge Animal Group, volunteers who support the very fine Woodbridge Animal shelter.

Coverage from the Patch is HERE.

Sadly, there are more Michael Vicks out there

An Asbury Park, New Jersey man was recently sentenced to two years in federal prison for his part in a cruel and nefarious dog fighting ring that stretched from New Mexico to New Jersey.   This evil man admitted to a federal judge that he dumped a pitbull who “lost” a dogfight in Virginia after the dog died on the ride back to New Jersey.  See the Hackensack, NJ Daily Voice coverage HERE.

it’s encouraging that at least some such people, whose depravity and barbarism cannot be overstated, are finally being forced to pay a price for their actions.  Those of us who care about animals would like to see them confined for life–or worse–but I hope two years in a federal lockup will send a message that such cruelty is finally being rewarded by real punishment.

Stay engaged and keep up the fight.

PETA is not an animal rights group – it’s a killing machine?

It’s hard to understand what to make of this. Or even how it’s possible for an organization named “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” — and which opposes things including not eating turkey on Thanksgiving to the prohibition of harvesting animal furs — itself advocates the killing of an entire category of animals: the so-called Pitbull dog.  And kills them itself.

It’s important to understand that “Pitbull” is NOT A BREED.  It is a catch-all term for a undefined group of mixed-breed or purebred dogs that have certain physical characteristics.  Or, that some “official” merely looks at a dog and decides it as such. Although there are some breeds such as American Staffordshire Terrrier that are defined as “Pitbulls,”  the only way to know a dog’s breed is to DNA test it.  Moreover, many Pitbull-type dogs are categorized as among the LEAST aggressive dogs, according to the American Temperament Test Society, Inc. 

Anyway, PETA has a long and sordid history of supporting the killing of “Pitbull-type dogs” as well as killing hundreds of them every year in its so-called “shelter” according to activist and attorney Nathan Winograd.  He has followed this issue for years and HERE is his latest post on PETA’s practices by this group that purports to care for the lives of innocent animals.