What’s With all the Animal Hoarding in New Jersey?

In July alone in New Jersey, there were two cases of huge numbers of animals being hoarded, and thankfully, rescued from deplorable and disgusting conditions.

The first involved more than 170 cats, who have been taken to St. Hubert’s, which thankfully can handle such massive numbers of distressed animals. Some of them are already available for adoption at St. Hubert’s!¬† Information about that incident can be found HERE.

A few days later, 25 dogs were found in a home in Ewing, and subsequently taken to EASEL Animal Rescue Shelter and Adoption Center. Information about that case can be found HERE.



Lawyer Dante Di Pirro Steps Up to Save Animals Killed in Hamilton Shelter

New Jersey attorney Dante Di Pirro, who has a long record representing the interests of homeless and abused animals and opposing animal shelter operators who flout the law, has put the Hamilton NJ Municipal Shelter on notice. He’s sent them a litter promising a class-action lawsuit unless they stop euthanizing–killing–owner surrendered animals before the mandatory hold period, during which the animals must be offered for adoption.

Di Pirro notes that¬†statements made at the recent Hamilton Township council meeting by Shelter representatives show that “they are aware of the law, refuse to follow the express and unambiguous language of the statute, and fail to comply with their non-discretionary, mandatory duty to offer each such animal for adoption for at least seven days.”

Good on you Dante!

His letter to the Mayor and Council can be found HERE.

The History and Downfall of the Disgraced NJSPCA

This interesting and detailed piece provides much of the history of the disgraceful New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA), a “gun club” of “wanna-be cops” who did little to help suffering, homeless and abused animals but clearly enjoyed pretending they were police.

This band of clowns was finally dissolved as a “law enforcement” organization by a NJ law, sponsored by former NJ State Senator Ray Lesniak, passed without opposition and signed by Governor Christie on his last full day in office.

HERE’s the piece itself.

And HERE’s the report from the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation titled “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. “