90 Days in Jail for NJ Animal Killer. Progress, just not enough.

Well, Joseph Russo of Stafford, NJ was sentenced last Friday to three months in jail for killing a would-be therapy dog, Diesel, a three year old Pomerian who was in training to assist a US Navy veteran.  Russo will also be placed on probation for five years, during which he will be prohibited from owning an animal — though he should by rights be prohibited for life in my view. It’s not clear from this article exactly how Russo had abused the pup in a way that led to his death. 

While a year or two in prison would have been more appropriate, it’s still a very successful prosecution  by Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Carr, in accordance with “Patrick’s Law.” The 2013 law, named after an emaciated pit bull who was thrown down a trash chute, increased penalties for abusing, neglecting and torturing animals according to the article.

Help Island Animal Alliance Rescue Pups from Puerto Rico

Mostly behind the scenes and without a scintilla of fanfare,  the Island Animal Alliance continues quietly rescuing pups from Puerto Rico, still storm-ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Let’s remember that Puerto Rico is an American territory, and its people American citizens. You can see the organizer of the IAA, Niki Dawson, doing a transport of pups all the way to New Jersey from (Miami?).  She and her team have worked tirelessly there for months!

If you care about homeless, sick and abandoned animals, and inclined to help this worthy group continue its work, visit their GoFundMe page and make whatever donation you can.  Thanks!

AHS Newark Shelter in Battle with City of Newark…still

The Associated Humane Societies-Newark Shelter, which has a number of municipal animal control contracts including one with the the city of Newark, is in an extended battle with the city over alleged non-payment of monthly fees. Keep in mind that AHS Newark has been cited over and over again for filthy and unsanitary conditions and even illegal and abusive practices.

I don’t know which side is right–I tend to believe the city given the abysmal and even horrific history of the shelter–but this is yet another example of how the shelter system in New Jersey is broken and needs a complete overhaul.  While Newark and the shelter battle it out, the animals suffer