Do You Love Dogs? The Canine Condition Podcast is for YOU!

If you love and care about dogs, come–sit–stay (and listen)!

Here are The Canine Condition podcast series, hosted by animal advocate and actress Jacqueline Piñol, who is also the producer and director, along with her husband Jonny Blu, of The Canine Condition “Dogumentary” about the state of homeless and shelter animals across the United State, and what’s being done about it.

The podcasts feature lots of shelter dog talk, and in my case the story of pitbull “Sammy,” our wonderful Sammy’s Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center in Sayreville, NJ  and its loving volunteers, the need for spay and neuter, the prejudice against bull-type dogs, and much more! Jacqueline and I also discuss the great work of wonderful animal advocate Niki Holloway Dawson and The Island Animal Alliance, which rescues dogs from hurricane- and poverty-ravaged Puerto Rico and transports them from Miami to rescues and adoptive families in New York and New Jersey.

Old Bridge, New Jersey Does NOT Need an Inhumane Petland!

On Monday evening January 13, 2020, the Township Council of Old Bridge, NJ heard a presentation from two gentlemen who are opening a Petland pet store in the township. Their presentation, complete with story boards and photos, extolled the “wonderful, humane and sanitary” conditions under which the breeders from which they’d source animals operate. They cited the approval of these “fine” breeders by the USDA and verified by inspections. Their descriptions of these breeders sounded as though the animals were living in the Ritz Carlton.

Well, they’re not.

And moments later, a virtual parade of public speakers testified that these breeders are in fact, inhumane prisons where animals are treated with unbelievable and painful cruelty, used as virtual machines to pump out puppies that are then sold to the unsuspecting public for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

To their credit, many of the opposing speakers said they assumed positive intent on the art of the proprietors, and that they not only did not oppose the opening of the store, but supported it. What they opposed was allowing the store to sell puppies that would almost certainly come from these cruel and inhumane breeders.  Several said that they felt that the proprietors have been duped. We must agree.  And this must not be allowed to go forward.

If you want to learn more about these cruel, greedy and inhumane breeders, take a gander here.

More contact information to express your opposition will soon be posted.

Disgusting Conditions Reported @SeaQuestUSA in Woodbridge Center Mall, NJ

Many visitors have reported disgusting and inhumane conditions at the SeaQuestUSA so-called “zoo” in Woodbridge Center (Mall) in Woodbridge NJ. And the conditions reported are inhumane for animals, and if true, UNSAFE for humans, especially kids. Filthy enclosures, dirty drinking water, lizards and birds left running about in feces, filthy floors, no supervision and no controls.

I’m not one of those “crazy” animal people but I’ll repeat something I saw on FB that is perfect: “When I was a kid I loved going to the zoo and the circus because I love animals. Now I hate zoos and circuses because I love animals.”

This was a stupid and cruel idea to begin with, and evidently, according to reports, that’s how it is in actuality.

Contact SeaquestUSA directly from their website

Tell the WOODBRIDGE MAYOR, the Honorable John McCormac.


Tell the NJ Department of Fish and Wildlife.

We don’t need a shopping mall zoo. At all. Especially not one where animals are abused.

Please Help Save Sweet Girl Reese!

Some horrible, evil person or people starved and neglected this sweet angel almost to the point of death. One can only imagine her suffering.

This terribly weak, fragile, sick and starving girl was found on the streets of Paterson, New Jersey and is now receiving the care she needs.

If you have a heart and want to help, please go to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge page on Facebook and let’s give this girl a happy and healthy 2020!

N.J.’s Seer Farms is Site of Alleged Animal Cruety, Again…Nothing Happens

From the “Reformers-Advocates for Animal Shelter Change in NJ” Facebook page:

Well folks, here we are, another Monday morning (12/16/19) and still nothing. The Jackson Police Department, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, @Kim Trujillo, Mayor Mike Reina, Our Town, Jackson, NJ and the rest of the official in Jackson, NJ refuse to take the pictures of the abuse and neglect at Seer Farms [472 West Veterans Hwy, Jackson, NJ 08527] seriously. Animals continue to die in the cold, go without medical treatment for severe medical conditions such as exploded tumors, cancer, ruptured eyes, etc. How anyone can believe that the pictures (shown) do not show abuse is astounding to all of us.

This operation has a sad history of animal abuse; for example:

Sayreville Shelter Tees Up Charity Golf Outing for May 2!

After more than three years offering adoptions of homeless animals seven days a week, Sammy’s Hope is holding its annual Charity Golf Outing on Wednesday, May 2 at the Royce Brook Golf Club, 201 Hamilton Road in Hillsborough, New Jersey. The day will begin with breakfast and registration at 8:00 am, tee off at 9:00 am, followed by cocktails, lunch, raffle, and awards.

To register or sponsor, please visit and see more at our Facebook page. Early registration discounts are available through March 24, 2018. Donations and participation will help save the lives of countless cats and dogs that we care for at our shelter.

This golf outing is very important for funding the medical care, socialization, and enrichment that Sammy’s Hope gives these wonderful animals on their way to loving, forever homes. And it gives us a chance to see our many friends and supporters!

The Sammy’s Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center is located at 1400 Main Street, Sayreville, NJ, (GPS 989 Main Street) adjacent to the Sayrebrook Veterinary Hospital, and open for adoptions seven days a week.

Holmdel NJ Bans Puppy Mills! Who’s Next?

According to the Holmdel, NJ Patch on March 1, 2018, the Holmdel Township Committee passed a new ordinance that effectively bans pet stores from opening in the Township.

The ordinance, which was unanimously passed, allows future businesses to sell animal supplies, and provide grooming, training and boarding but may not sell cats or dogs. They could host adoption events with animals sourced from local shelters, similar to what national retailers like PetCo and PetSmart do.

More information can be found HERE.

This is good news and we need more such ordinances in NJ boroughs and communities. Puppy Mills are just bad:  Terrible suffering for the animals and eventual if not immediate heartbreak for humans!

What Happens Next with the NJSPCA? Let’s Ask Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal!

We all know that the homeless and abused animals of New Jersey will be better off once the “wanna-be” cops of the NJSPCA go away on June 30, 2018.  Yet another voice has weighed in here to describe why NJ citizens and animals are far better off without this band of, as described by the NJ State Commission of Investigation, “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.”

Now the important question for our new, NJ Attorney General, Gurbir S. Grewal, is, what happens next?

  • What happens to all the donor money in their coffers?
  • What happens to the trucks, cars, radios, guns, badges, HQ Building, office equipment, and other tangible property?
  • How will the organization be unwound by the 30th of June?
  • What is Attorney General Grewal doing to put a new animal law enforcement regime into place?
  • What is Attorney General Grewal doing to ensure that the current and recent past “Board” members of the NJSPCA are not allowed to game the system and worm their way back into animal welfare enforcement, something that they demionstrated conclusively they’re not capable–nor worthy–of?

We call upon the Attorney General to step upand take an active leadership role in winding down this now-defunct organization–which continues, by the way, to pursue frivolous lawsuits with donor money while the animals suffer.

Sammy’s Hope in Sayreville Holds Valentine’s Adoption Event


$75 Gift Card with all adoptions February 8 – 14

SAYREVILLE NJ: February 4, 2018 – Wanting to spread the Valentine’s Day love to more homeless animals, Sammy’s Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center in Sayreville is holding a special adoption event from February 8 through February 14, 2018.  All adopters during that week will receive a $75 gift card to a restaurant of their choice.

According to Dave Gaier of Sammy’s Hope, “In 2018 we want to really increase adoptions of these wonderful, sweet animals. So we’re kicking off the year with an event that we hope will bring more families in to visit our dogs and cats, and give them loving, forever homes.”

For more information, visit Sammy’s Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center in Sayreville, 1400 Main Street next to the Sayreville Police Station (GPS Address 989 Main Street). For more information about us and to see our adoptable animals, visit

About Sammy’s Hope

Sammy’s Hope is a non-profit New Jersey organization whose mission is to care for homeless animals, socialize them, provide for their medical needs, and find them forever homes. The Sammy’s Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center in Sayreville, NJ provides specialized, individual care for long-term homeless animals. For more information visit


New Jersey Court Socks it to now-defunct NJSPCA for OPRA Violations

The NJSPCA, now on its way out the door — thankfully — as a so-called “law enforcement” agency, is now being forrced by a NJ Court to pay up for its long-term attempt to evade its OPRA requirements.  It’s amazing but not surprising that the organization wasted tens of thousands of donor money in such a cynical quest, when it was already apparent it had already lost.  More good reason why this group of “wanna-be cops” is on its way into the dustbin.

Media coverage can be found here!