Hello New Jersey Animal Lovers

This blog is for all New Jerseyites who care about, and care for, animals. It is dedicated to the many wonderful “animal people” I have met over the last five years – Niki Dawson, Elda Hubbard and all my colleagues at Sammy’s Hope, Kristen Padden, Heather Campione, Kathleen Schatzmann, everyone at Best Friends Animal Society and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, The ASPCA Fearful Dog program, Michelle Merletto Cilurso, Tracy Rolph, and dozens of others.

I am not allowing comments because that will lend itself to invective and vitriol which will not help homeless and innocent animals.  I will post news items and on occasion, opinion, that I believe will contribute to improving the welfare of homeless animals.  It will also shine a light on issues and organizations — such as NJSPCA — that need to be examined.

There is no shortage of people in NJ who care about animals.  I meet them every day.  But the laws are too weak, the shelter system is mostly broken, and euthanasia is far too often the fate of innocent animals whose only crime was being brought into this world.

If you care, then DO something: volunteer, donate, foster, attend a fundraiser, but most of all: spay or neuter your  pets and ADOPT from your local shelter.