Farrow is Waiting for His Forever Family (You?)–at Sammy’s Hope!

Handsome Sweet Farrow!

Hi! My name is FARROW and I’m currently residing at the Sammy’s Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center in Sayreville, New Jersey. As you can see, I’m a very handsome boy, and my volunteer friends here at the shelter tell me I’m also a very good boy!

AND–I’m also a “Dave’s Fave!” That means my adoption fee is already paid, for a qualified family!  So please stop in and meet me?

Old Bridge, New Jersey Does NOT Need an Inhumane Petland!

On Monday evening January 13, 2020, the Township Council of Old Bridge, NJ heard a presentation from two gentlemen who are opening a Petland pet store in the township. Their presentation, complete with story boards and photos, extolled the “wonderful, humane and sanitary” conditions under which the breeders from which they’d source animals operate. They cited the approval of these “fine” breeders by the USDA and verified by inspections. Their descriptions of these breeders sounded as though the animals were living in the Ritz Carlton.

Well, they’re not.

And moments later, a virtual parade of public speakers testified that these breeders are in fact, inhumane prisons where animals are treated with unbelievable and painful cruelty, used as virtual machines to pump out puppies that are then sold to the unsuspecting public for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

To their credit, many of the opposing speakers said they assumed positive intent on the art of the proprietors, and that they not only did not oppose the opening of the store, but supported it. What they opposed was allowing the store to sell puppies that would almost certainly come from these cruel and inhumane breeders.  Several said that they felt that the proprietors have been duped. We must agree.  And this must not be allowed to go forward.

If you want to learn more about these cruel, greedy and inhumane breeders, take a gander here.

More contact information to express your opposition will soon be posted.

Disgusting Conditions Reported @SeaQuestUSA in Woodbridge Center Mall, NJ

Many visitors have reported disgusting and inhumane conditions at the SeaQuestUSA so-called “zoo” in Woodbridge Center (Mall) in Woodbridge NJ. And the conditions reported are inhumane for animals, and if true, UNSAFE for humans, especially kids. Filthy enclosures, dirty drinking water, lizards and birds left running about in feces, filthy floors, no supervision and no controls.

I’m not one of those “crazy” animal people but I’ll repeat something I saw on FB that is perfect: “When I was a kid I loved going to the zoo and the circus because I love animals. Now I hate zoos and circuses because I love animals.”

This was a stupid and cruel idea to begin with, and evidently, according to reports, that’s how it is in actuality.

Contact SeaquestUSA directly from their website

Tell the WOODBRIDGE MAYOR, the Honorable John McCormac.


Tell the NJ Department of Fish and Wildlife.

We don’t need a shopping mall zoo. At all. Especially not one where animals are abused.