The History and Downfall of the Disgraced NJSPCA

This interesting and detailed piece provides much of the history of the disgraceful New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA), a “gun club” of “wanna-be cops” who did little to help suffering, homeless and abused animals but clearly enjoyed pretending they were police.

This band of clowns was finally dissolved as a “law enforcement” organization by a NJ law, sponsored by former NJ State Senator Ray Lesniak, passed without opposition and signed by Governor Christie on his last full day in office.

HERE’s the piece itself.

And HERE’s the report from the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation titled “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. “

Some Justice for Abused Animals at AHS-Newark? Finally, Perhaps (UPDATED)

After two inspections this fall by the City of Newark and NJ’s Department of Health uncovered horrible and disgusting conditions and a slew of violations at the Associate Humane Societies-Newark (AHS-Newark) , the Executive Director of the facility was charged with several civil and criminal violations of New Jersey’s animal cruelty statutes.

Now, before the the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA) cynically struts and preens and tries to claim credit, this followed years of violations and years of failed inspections,  during which  NJSPCA – the state’s law enforcement agency for animal cruelty – took no action against AHS.

In fact, NJSPCA President Steve Shatkin asserted that his organization has no role with respect to shelters, during a public meeting of the NJSPCA Board:  “The NJSPCA is not the animal shelter police.”  SEE HIM SAYING THIS HERE at around the 4:22 mark. 

WPIX-TV 11 in New York was already covering this “House of Horrors” when the charges were finally issued, and their coverage is here. 

See other coverage HERE and HERE.

UPDATE – on December 11, 2017, WPIX-TV 11 did another story on the AHS-Newark “House of Horrors” and exposed the fact that the NJSPCA only charged the Executive Director with a handful of violations, when there were HUNDREDS.  See for yourself HERE.

AHS-Newark’s Absurd Response to Deplorable Conditions and Inhumane Practices

The Newark Patch recently broke a story about the joint state and Newark City health departments’ inspection of Associated Humane Societies-Newark. The findings were otrageous – inhumane, disguting conditions and cruel practices.

AHS’s Executive Director, Roseann Trezza, did not comment on the inspection and send Assistant Executive Director, Jill Van Tuyl, to talk to the media.  Aside from the ED’s refusal to stand and defend her actions and lack of actions, here’s their response, reported by the New Jersey Animal Observer.