SERESTO Flea & Tick Collars DANGER: July 2022 Update

In May 2021, I posted that SERESTO Flea and Tick Collars had been implicated in almost 2000 pet deaths and more than 75,000 incidents and illnesses, from relatively minor effects, such as animals suffering itchiness and skin irritation, to serious emergencies including seizures, convulsions, and, yes, horrible deaths.  Vets and health experts say this is no mere coincidence.

A little more than a year later, I am dismayed that they’re still being widely sold, despite a significant amount of damning evidence that they’re dangerous.  So much so, in fact, that the US Congress, not known for doing much if anything for American consumers, now links the collars to about 2500 pet deaths and more than 100,000 pet illnesses. The collar, made by Elanco Animal Health, is linked to a higher number of death and injury reports than competing products, claims the report from the Committee on Oversight and Reform’s subcommittee on economic and consumer policy.  And the report says they should be RECALLED and taken off the market.

US Congresswoman, Rep. Katie Porter, a Democrat from Southern California who also sits on the subcommittee, asked Alanco (parent company) CEO Simmons in mid-June 2022 about the fact that other countries including Australia and Colombia have large warnings on the packaging for Seresto collars and “label them as poison.”  Canada even decided to bar sales of the Seresto collar because its review of U.S. incidents and toxicology studies found it “posed too great a risk to pets and their owners to be sold in Canada.”

So that’s why I was even more dismayed when I was online with Chewy on July 3, ordering some things for my beloved Popeye, when I opened a chat with “Ashley H” at 3:53 pm. When I told her my concerns, within two seconds she had pasted in what I refer to as a “form-letter corporate PR response.” As we continued to chat, she wrote (verbatim): “I do apologize for the misinformation that you were given, at this time I am not obligated to discuss this matter any further, if you are uncomfortable using this product we do understand however we will continue to sell the item until we are told that we are no longer able. Then, remarkably, she accused ME of giving HER misinformation (verbatim): I do apologize that you feel that way about this product, the information that you are giving me is misinformation. (!!)

I’ve been a fan an customer of Chewy for years; their service is outstanding and their people (OTHER than “Ashley H”) are friendly. And Chewy says it loves our pets. But even if the data are not 100% conclusive, there is enough evidence that SERESTO collars should not be sold or used–if you care about the life and health of your pet!