Dog Dies Tragically on United – but MANY more are Killed Daily

By now you all surely know about the sweet French Bulldog Kokito who died tragically and unnecessarily aboard a United Airlines flight when he was stuffed into the overhead compartment on the orders of a flight attendant. 

More pet mishaps happened on United in short order, though at least the CEO didn’t try to pretend that it wasn’t the airline’s fault. But United has a sordid history of neglect of animals aboard its flights that has often resulted in their deaths.

While we mourn the loss of this little angel, hundreds of healthy, adoptable animals in New Jersey are being unnecessarily killed — “euthanized” is the euphemism we love to use.  We need to mourn their loss, too, and put a stop to this.  First we need to get the attention of New Jersey’s new Governor and Attorney General.