Help Island Animal Alliance Save Hurricane Dogs!

Island Animal Alliance (@islandanimalalliance), led by long-time animal advocate and rescuer Niki Dawson, rescues and transports hurricane-survivor dogs–primarily from Puerto Rico–to rescues in the USA. I was privileged to drive 29 of those pups recently from Miami to Bridgewater, NJ, where they were taken by rescues from #vermont and #essexcountyNJ to new, happy, and loving homes. Please follow us on #Facebook and help us with donations if you can!


Help Island Animal Alliance Rescue Pups from Puerto Rico

Mostly behind the scenes and without a scintilla of fanfare,  the Island Animal Alliance continues quietly rescuing pups from Puerto Rico, still storm-ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Let’s remember that Puerto Rico is an American territory, and its people American citizens. You can see the organizer of the IAA, Niki Dawson, doing a transport of pups all the way to New Jersey from (Miami?).  She and her team have worked tirelessly there for months!

If you care about homeless, sick and abandoned animals, and inclined to help this worthy group continue its work, visit their GoFundMe page and make whatever donation you can.  Thanks!