Disgusting Conditions Reported @SeaQuestUSA in Woodbridge Center Mall, NJ

Many visitors have reported disgusting and inhumane conditions at the SeaQuestUSA so-called “zoo” in Woodbridge Center (Mall) in Woodbridge NJ. And the conditions reported are inhumane for animals, and if true, UNSAFE for humans, especially kids. Filthy enclosures, dirty drinking water, lizards and birds left running about in feces, filthy floors, no supervision and no controls.

I’m not one of those “crazy” animal people but I’ll repeat something I saw on FB that is perfect: “When I was a kid I loved going to the zoo and the circus because I love animals. Now I hate zoos and circuses because I love animals.”

This was a stupid and cruel idea to begin with, and evidently, according to reports, that’s how it is in actuality.

Contact SeaquestUSA directly from their website

Tell the WOODBRIDGE MAYOR, the Honorable John McCormac.


Tell the NJ Department of Fish and Wildlife.

We don’t need a shopping mall zoo. At all. Especially not one where animals are abused.