Lesniak Legislation to Dissolve NJSPCA Moves Forward – But the Fight is not Won (yet)

NJ State Senator Ray Lesniak, in the wake of the NJ SCI investigation of the NJSPCA that found incompetence, mismanagement, waste, fraud and abuse, has proposed legislation that if enacted will put animal cruelty law enforcement back where it belongs: in the hands of actual, not “wanna-be” police officers, and country prosecutors.

Bill S3558 would call for the creation of a county prosecutor animal cruelty task force in each county, and for a municipal humane law enforcement officer to be appointed in each municipality.

It’s about time.

For TapInfo.net’s coverage of the issue and upcoming vote, go HERE.

Star-Ledger Columnist Asks “Why not arm all the Activists?”, cites scathing report on NJSPCA

Newark Star-Ledger Columnist Paul Mulshein asks – sarcastically – if we’re arming the so-called  “animal cops” of the NJSPCA,  then why not arm, say, the Sierra Club?  He points to the folly of having private citizens, with little or no oversight, running around the state with guns and, get this, a 10-wheeled paramilitary assault vehicle.  

For his take on this group and its conduct, go HERE

By the way, these “wannabe” cops stamp “POLICE” on their vehicles and call themselves “Animal Cops” but they are NOT Police.