The Sickening and Inhumane Specter of Puppy Mills

“Animal people” like us are avowed enemies of puppy mills, which are just horror shows that represent animal cruelty by  definition. We need NATIONAL legislation to outlaw these criminal enterprises, but sadly, few of our “representatives” in Congress give a damn about animals.

Still, if you’re a skeptic and you think this is an overblown crisis, read this Rolling Stone piece.  And then tell me these places are ok.  You can’t.

Here’s but one quote: “Here were the parent dogs in desperate shape: blinded by cataracts and corneal ulcers; their jaws half-gone or missing entirely after their teeth had rotted away.  Some were so feeble they couldn’t stand erect; their paws were urine-scalded and their wrists were deformed from squatting on wire their entire lives.”

DON’T buy from breeders. Go to your local shelter and ADOPT.  When you buy from a puppy mill or cat breeder you are literally supporting animal cruelty.